Just a very brief email update for you this week, as your correspondent is currently fending off some brief but debilitating sickness 🤒

A working database

First: As promised, we have achieved AGI database persistence internally.


We didn't quite finish everything needed to open source the repository this past week, but that's coming up next. Either way, we're very glad to have this milestone behind us. Our next official milestone will be running this in production.

A full podcast episode

While this edition of the newsletter is short, there's still plenty for you to digest this week as John (from Ghost) sat down with Mike (from Flipboard) for an interview on the Dot Social podcast to talk about ActivityPub.

It's a wide-ranging chat about the Fediverse from both a technical and a philosophical perspective.

Available wherever you get your podcasts

But, if "explain this to me like I'm 5" is more your speed, fear not! Your feedback last week was loud and clear. We'll be including more frequent plain-English explainers as we go, from here on out.

Now, does anyone have any particularly good remedies for a (very) sore throat?