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You're subscribed!

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We're really excited about bringing ActivityPub to Ghost, and a small team here has already been working on getting the initial building blocks in place so we can start testing things and (hopefully!) have you help us.

As with any new standard, there's a lot to figure out. Building basic ActivityPub support is pretty straightforward. Building and ensuring it works well at scale with many millions of users is a much more nuanced endeavor. That's part of the reason we want to roll it out slowly and test as much as possible.

From this point, you can choose your own adventure. By default you'll receive our weekly newsletter, which is a behind the scenes build log from our team. We have an amazing community growing here already, and the comments each week are a lot of fun. This is where you can ask questions and contribute feedback.

Alternatively, of you prefer fewer emails, you can adjust your subscription settings to only receive notifications for beta testing announcements - when there's something available for you to use.

Asking for your help

In the meantime, if we can ask for your help with one thing, it's to share with anyone you know who might be interested. The further and wider we can spread it, the better!

Thanks again for signing up, we're excited to see how deep this rabbit hole goes 🕳️


Team Ghost